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As good as you already are, Class Builder will make you better

Class Builder has made a way for Instructors of Indoor Cycling or Spinning® classes to use their iPod, iPhone or iPad for much more than just music.  Everything from simple target intensity levels in RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to advanced training with Heart Zones®, Cadence and Power was built into every class with Class Builder™.  Instructor cues that used to be written on scraps of paper or 3 X 5 cards were now able to be typed right into Class Builder™ and then shown on the iDevice screen for the instructor during class, at the precise moment desired.


Now with the new iClass Builder platform, this wildly popular and successful app has been expanded to add a plethora of new features, as well as the ability to buy, share and/or sell classes.  Now building a class is done on the larger format of a computer, with the added feature of reusable drills or cues; many of which are pre-built by Master Instructors and experienced USA Cycling Coaches as well as those you add yourself.

"Class Builder is amazing. I love it and so do my riders. It just keeps getting better." Bill Jenks
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