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Fast, Furious & Fantastic Climbs

While not yet a free class in the app iClass Builder, I am providing all the bits and pieces to use/investigate/build this one on your own. Each image below has a link to some aspect of the class. Also, if you want to ride to it - you can do so for free by clicking on the pic of me teaching below.

TOP LEFT - Links to a PDF of the entire class including all of the cueing statements and timing for every song.

TOP RIGHT - This link will take you to the actual Spotify playlist I used for this class, and all the tracks will be in the same order as the class.

BOTTOM LEFT - This shows some of the cueing and is linked to the iClass Builder home page where you can sign up for a free 30 days to "kick the tires" or learn more about who's behind it.

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Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan
29 มี.ค.

I have attempted this ride and I cant seem to get in Zone 3 at 90 RPM's with 160 Watts. I weigh 200 LBS. I am hitting zones 4 and 5. What am I missing in my session.

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