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Finding Your HR to Power Fingerprint 2023

If you had our app, I'd be giving this to you for free. However, if you like to do your own thing, here are all the bits and pieces to use/investigate/build on your own. Also, if you want to ride to it - you can do so for free by clicking on the pic of me teaching below.

TOP LEFT - Links to a PDF of the entire class including all of the cueing statements and timing for every song.

TOP RIGHT - This link will take you to the actual Spotify playlist I used for this class, and all the tracks will be in the same order as the class.

BOTTOM LEFT - This shows some of the cueing and is linked to the iClass Builder home page where you can sign up for a free 30 days to "kick the tires" or learn more about who's behind it.

BOTTOM RIGHT - This link will take you to a video on VIMEO of me teaching this class. If- you are unsure of how you might do a particular song in the playlist or you want to see HOW I implemented it, you will have the entire video here.

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